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The True Untold Story

Roe v. Wade is the true story of the most controversial court case in American history that legalized abortion. Starring John Voight, Stacey Dash and Nick Loeb.



‘5’000’000 (five million) subordinated, tokenized bonds with a nominal value of $1 USD each, represented by the RVW Tokens (as defined below). The name of the tokens are “RVW Tokens” (“RVW” or “$RVW”).

RVW tokens are based on the Ethereum Blockchain and represent the proportionate rights to the tokenized bond, which can be categorized as unsecured, unsecuritized derivative instrument under the laws of Liechtenstein and EEA.

Currency, denomination, number of RVW token issued and term of the RVW tokens: The subject of the present Token Offering Memorandum is the public offer by RVW Limited, for the issue of 5’000’000 RVW tokens, to be issued with a maximum term defined at September 30, 2030. The tokenized bond rights are issued with a denomination of $1.00 USD (one US Dollar). The nominal value is $1.00 USD (one US Dollar) per bond. The tokenized bond rights are issued against payment to be received in one of the supported cryptocurrency assets: BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), USDC (USD Coin). Amounts received are converted into USD at the respective daily exchange rate, on which basis the number of RVW tokens to be allocated is calculated.

Form and securitisation: The underlying bond issued by the RVW Limited is not securitised or supported by a dedicated collateral asset. The RVW tokens will represent fractional (on the prorated basis, depending on the proportionate amount of the tokens held by the token holder) legal rights of the token holders to receive rewards, returns payback and other contractual rights associated with the bond, as defined in this document. The maximum of 5’000’000 RVW Tokens can be issued.

LCX Tokenization Platform

This is a public Security Token Offering by RVW Limited.
RVW Limited is utilizing LCX as its exclusive blockchain service provider.

The goal of this Movie Token Offering is to finance the costs associated with the film “Roe V. Wade”. The film production is already completed, but additional financing will enable the film company to execute their distribution and marketing plans. Roe V. Wade is a new feature film produced by Alveda King, Nick Loeb, Cathy Allyn
and Troy Duhan — the co-producer of ‘God’s Not Dead’


You can participate in the offering by registering at It is the only place the offering is being held.


The RVW Token is backed by the Gross Proceeds of the movie. Once RVW Limited receives returns and revenues from the film proceeds, RVW Limited will use the full amount to distribute the returns plus the accrued yields calculated up to the payout date directly to the token holders in the form of ETH payments. Rewards, target yield and the repayment are USD-denominated and will be paid normally in ETH to holders of RVW Tokens.

“Last Money In, First Money Out principle.” The Gross Proceeds in connection with the Picture shall be payable in the following order of priority: First, solely from the United States Theatrical Gross Proceeds on a pro-rata, pari passu basis, to all token holders for the Investment and Investment Return as outlined in the Token Offering Memorandum. This means that as long as RVW Limited remains solvent and operational, RVW token holders will be the first group of its creditors to receive the rewards and payouts. If, however, RVW Limited becomes subject to the bankruptcy proceedings, the general bankruptcy and liquidation rules will apply.

“Gross Proceeds” shall mean all nonrefundable, gross proceeds actually received by or credited from the US domestic distribution (including outright sales), exhibition and/or other exploitations of the Picture in any and all media now known or hereafter devised in perpetuity and from the exercise of all related subsidiary rights (such as merchandising, soundtrack, music publishing, and literary publishing).